Stripperella diary

Hello if you're reading this I've been kidnapped against my will I had escaped but I found myself in a new place I have my butt plugged and cum leaking all over the floor I've been hungry for days don't judge me I drink and ate and I lapping up all the cum drippings I know it's shameful and humiliating but I was very hungry and I was afraid to open the fridge seeing as already barged in I don't think it would be respectful to Open Door fridge still very hungry even though some I'm writing this down. I keep my drippings for my butt plug I keep eating it doesn't taste pretty good but a girl's got to eat. It's very nasty really it's very salty I guess that's what I get for running away I got my Just Desserts... I guess I should have just stayed home but I didn't learn my lesson. Anyways here I am dressed up as a girl with a butt plug and in a stranger's splooge it's very creamy sticky and gooey and splashing and swimming in me I'm afraid to damage myself if I tried to take it off the book plug is very deep in me but plug is very deep in me. The most scary thing is I'm in apartment of a stranger and I don't know if she know it works for them that frightens me more I can't even run right now my pussy hurts so much for so much Grimaldi ass pounding. My pussy is sore burning and swelled up period I'm in so much pain.

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Nervous scared anxious and Afraid