Mistress Andrea Lexi looking for a new girl

Played by andie Tiffany
1 year 1 month ago



Hello if you are reading this it means that I mistress Andrea Lexi Trixie have took an interest in you please respond to my email. Dear sissy boi. I'm looking to train you you can be part of my harem. So far most of my girls have left but maybe you'll be that one one that doesn't leave when the going gets tough. 1243 Cottonwood Lake Avenue house number 2645. Phone number 1 800 765 89172. I shall wait for your call. I think to myself will sending the sissy boy this oh please call me please you must be the one.. I sent another message. Hello this is mistress Andrea I see you haven't contacted me are you scared? Am I scaring you? You don't want to be my sissy? I given you all the directions that you need now it's up to you to find me. If you don't that's cool too.