The MegaSis Incident (Invite only)



I can finally see the God awful pink glow of Lacy Place approaching. Shifting down a gear in my silver Jag, I put the pedal to the floor one last time, just to hear the engine roar. Like a stunt driver in a Hollywood movie, I turn hard into the entrance, and slide into the parking lot in cloud of smoke. God I love the smell of burnt rubber.

Having surely gotten their attention, (which was the point) with my little stunt, I decide to take it easy on my drive up to the valet. Arriving there, I put the gear shift in neutral, set the park brake, and give the engine a healthy rev before stepping out.

"Welcome to Lacy Place!," the airheaded bimbo bubbly greets.

I lower my eyes to her, "Not a scratch, you hear me?"
Her reply leaves me wondering if she even knows how to drive. "Listen, airhead, not one ding, not one dent, I don't even want to find a single hair from that pretty little head of yours inside. Don't even breath in it," I finish, handing her the keys. I swear I see her holding her breathe as the walks to my car.

I head to the front desk and see another airhead working there. She offers some airheaded greeting, I'm not really listening, the less time talking to these bimbos, the better. "Mind pointing me to the Casino airhead? Thanks."

I walk with a confident swagger onto the casino floor, and make my way to a high stakes poker table where a game of Texas Hold'em is about to start. "Got room for one more? How much is the buy-in?"

OOC Notes

Please read the backstory here before playing. :)

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