Backstory - Please Read Before Interacting!

I've been in the corporate spying game for just a few short years, but I've already made quite a name for myself in the criminal underworld. A good portion of my jobs have come from greedy investors looking for inside information, or tech firms looking to steal designs. It was no surprise to me, then, when a third party contacted about the head of MegaSis Corp. (MSC) wanting to me meet with me about a job.

I arrived at MegaSis in the late evening as instructed. Security personnel were waiting for me and discreetly escorted me through a private entrance. I'm led to a large office, just in time to see an older woman slam a phone down and sigh in disgust. I recognize her immediately as the CEO and founder of MSC, Mistress Angela Venom.

I clear my throat to get her attention, and she looks up with rage filled eyes. "The fuck do you want?" her voice oozing anger and annoyance.

I walk up to her desk, not saying a word. I pull out a jet black business card with silver lettering reading only 'Raymond Westin' from inside my overcoat. With a flick of the wrist I toss it on her desk, landing just at her fingertips. She looks at the card briefly and sighs. "Finally some good news." She looks to the guards, "You may leave us." The guards look to one another. "GO!" she yells. The guards make a hasty exit.

"My apologies Mr. Westin. Good help is so hard to find."

"Indeed," I reply looking her dead in the eyes. She gets the point of my simple response.

"Yes, indeed. That's why you're here. Your reputation has become well known to me. I have to say I'm impressed. I'm rarely impressed by anyone, Mr. Westin, especially men."

She looks to me as if expecting me to flaunt about my skills, or brag about my exploits. I just sit there, eyes fixed on her.

"Right, so I'm prepared to pay you $2,000,000 with $500,000 up front, to infiltrate our chief rival, Lacy Place. They have some top secret tech in body alterations that my scientists say would be impossible to replicate with out detailed specs. It is crucial for the future growth of MegaSis. Now, I don't  doubt your skills, Mr. Westin, but Lacy can be a very dangerous place, even being rude to the wrong person there can result in....permanent consequences. If you get caught doing this, your life, at least as know it now, will be over. If you're lucky they will just outright kill you. Do you really think you can do it?"

I'm very aware of Lacy Places reputation, and avoid that place like the plague. Just then her phone rings.
"One second, Mr. Westin, I have to yell at whoever this is for interrupting me at this hour when I explicitly ordered them not to."

"There will be no need to answer that," I remark flatly.


"That will be your I.T. department calling to tell you there's been a breach." I pull out my phone and tap a couple of buttons. "Demonstration over."

"That was you?" she asks incredulously.

"Elegant piece of software I wrote. This was my demo version. It just goes in and intentionally alerts detection programs of it's presence, and deletes itself on my command. Had it been the real deal, I'd own your whole network right now and you'd never know it."

"Impressive. Do tell then, Mr. Westin, if you can do that, why not just hack yourself a fortune and retire someplace tropical? You could sit on a beach and drink mojitos all day."

"The idea bores me to death, honestly. Seems almost unfair. Like hunting wild game in a zoo. I live for the challenge first, the payday second."

"Glad to hear you like a challenge, because that little trick...It won't work at Lacy it seems. I've hired top hackers before. The story always comes back the same. No information on the tech can be found on any network. This is going to require you to locate and gather the data we need first hand."

"Understood. What exactly is this tech they possess?"

"First let me show you something," she says raising a finger. "Girls, get in here!"

A side door opens and in walk three gorgeous looking girls in medium length schoolgirl skirts and garters. Aware of where I am though, I know these aren't real women.

"Fucking hot as hell right?"

I offer no response, and just look at Angela waiting for her to continue.

"All my clients think so anyway, but there is a problem." She motions to the girls and they pull up their skirts. Now I've seen a lot of shit in my life, but this takes the cake. Underneath those skirts each girl is sporting what must be at least 10 inch cocks!

"This is unacceptable. Few of my clients want to be with a sissy that has a bigger cock than they do! I'm losing repeat business over this, it must be fixed! Ok girls, leave us now." Unlike the guards, they make for a quick exit. As they reach the door, the black haired sissy girl in the center slaps blonde, to her right, in the ass causing her to squeal and giggle as they exit.

"Fun trio, them, but back to business. Simply put, Mr. Westin, we know those bitches over at Lacy have figured out a way to shrink cocks. What we don't know is how. It could be a drug, a high tech machine, or a fucking witch for all we know. What intel we do have, leads us to believe they are not doing it surgically."

"So let me make sure I'm clear on this," I interrupt. You want me to go to Lacy, one of the most dangerous places in the world for men, and poke around for a treatment you aren't even sure exists? Even if I do get close, there is no way I'm getting out of there with a cache of data. Even I'm not that good. That about sum it up?"

"Almost. You see I don't actually want you sneaking around. I can't run the risk of you getting caught. They will know you are working for me, putting myself, my company, and everyone in it at risk."

"So." I pause, thinking. "No hacking, no sneaking.  What then?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she replies, a wicked grin forming on her face.

It only takes a few seconds for it to dawn on me what she's asking and I go into a tirade.

"NO FUCKING WAY! If you think I'm going to walk into that place, voluntarily allow myself to be transformed into God knows what, just so you can get a treatment that can shrink the dick of any man you please, you're fucking BAT SHIT CRAZY! Even if I did, even if I wanted tech like that to get out, how the fuck do you propose I get any kind of valuable intel? They will be on me like a pack of starving wolves! Even if I succeed, even if you get everything you want, I have NO intention of spending the rest of my life as double gendered freak!"

"Well well Mr. Westin, I thought you liked a challenge? Or was that just bullshit? Look, I can aassure you, anything they do to you, we can undo. Just ask any client here that has opted for the 'Weekend Sissy Experience.' As far as gathering intel, I have that covered." She opens up a drawer, pulls out a small case and opens it. It has two tiny objects in it and she points to the one the left. "This is an eye implant. It sees everything you see, and can record hours of video. Just rub your lower eyelid to start and stop recording.

Pointing to the pill shaped object on the right, she continues, "This was given to me by a very satisfied client. It's called a 'Toxin Scanning and Sample Collection Drone,' initially developed for the medical industry. It has a tiny robot inside of it that will attach itself to your stomach after swallowed. It detects every chemical that enters the stomach. When it detects something that isn't supposed to be there, it examines it's chemical structure, the releases it. In case of an injected drug, the anchors also double as sensors which will monitor your blood. Now mind, you, there are no transmitters. Once you have the data, you must return here so we can remove the devices and download it."

I have to give her credit, she has her shit together, and this may just be the job that pushes me into legendary status in the underworld.

"Alright Ms. Venom, you have yourself a spy."

"Excellent! Let's get these implants in, and you can be on your way!"

"Not so fast, I believe you're forgetting something."

She scowls and reaches under her desk retrieving a large case. "$500,000. Don't disappoint me Mr. Westin. We may not be as infamous as Lacy, but believe me when I tell you our punishments are just as cruel."

I verify the contents of the case, then handcuff it to my wrist. I swallow the pill, and Angela installs the implant into my left eye with a strange looking device.

"All done Mr. Westin." As she escorts me to the door, she says, "One more thing Mr. Westin, there is to be absolutely no contact with us until the day you walk back in this door. As you will likely be unrecognizable, you will need to remember these two words: 'Operation Mosquito.'

I nod and make my exit. I meet up with my contact a bit later and hand him the case. $500,000, half is yours. I need to go underground for this job, so I need you to take care of my half. You know what to do with it. If I don't make contact within 2 weeks, assume the worst. Should that happen, take my half and get as far away as you can.

With that I leave, and point my Jag towards Lacy Place. The trip takes a bit, giving me a chance plot out a stragegy.

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