Day 1

1:00 pm

I had heard about this place a couple of years ago. Read stories about it. Obsessed over personal experiences shared by clientelle. Now here I am in the parking lot trying not to chicken out. No going back now, I'm almost 1500 miles from home, the money has been spent to get here, this is something I must do.

2:00 pm

So I did it! I actually did it! I worked the courage up to go up to the reception desk and register. I was nervous as hell, but I saw that the receptionist appeared to be a sissy, and it put me at ease. Maybe a bit too at ease as I accidentally registered under my sissy name that I had chosen for myself. The friendly receptionist seemed unfazed by this and I was through registration in no time. I wandered around for a bit taking it all in. I can't help blushing beat red every time I see a sissy, they are everywhere, and they seem remarkably happy. This place is quite overwhelming, I did notice a bar back in the lounge area, I think I'll go there and just do some people watching while sipping a drink.

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