Late Nights and Latex



We'd both been drinking at the Hellfire Club. What had been at times a surreal experience in the club, a tour of the basement levels and the sampling of aged brandy and weird beer had led us here. To the mall and my closed up Clothing Store F.U.C

Mechelle had issued a challenge that she should try out wearing some latex as it was suggested I may have a 'thing' for girls in latex... dunno where she got that idea but the very thought of Mechelle in Latex had my mind working overtime trying to figure out a way to get Mechelle into some latex!

Luckily, Mechelle was there to remind me I work in a clothing store.... Which I did. Did being the important word here. I did work there but no longer. It closed a few months ago, Worse was I'd tossed my keys in the garbage can.

Then I recalled having a security card. I'd been let through to clear out my things from the staff area. They wanted out and no one else was around, I'd been granted an access card. A card I never returned.

This could be our ticket to Latex! I led Mechelle back to the store. This was the place, no sign now but the store hadn't yet been replaced in the mall.

I peered in the windows, it was dark but it looked like the stock was all there, just covered, wrapped for protection. I turned to Mechelle.

"I got this security card, hope it still works... we get in and... we go downstairs, less likely to be discovered right? We don't switch on any lights either.. maybe a small one downstairs but ..we don't want security on our asses."



A green light came on the console and the door lock mechanism whirred into action. We were in. A last look around mall confirmed there weren't any security in the immediate vicinity.

"Fuckin A.. let's go...let's go!"

Fuelled by the invincibility bought on by alcohol and more so the thought of Mechelle in latex, I hustled us both inside and closed the door. The silence was the first thing that hit me, it was so still. Could hear us both breathing. Then the slight odor of dust or whatever it was that comes with the air of an unused enclosed space.

Squinting into the darkness, I ducked down behind a shrink wrapped rail of clothes and whispered encouragement to my partner in crime?."You ok? We won't get into trouble for this.. I mean..we aint doing no one any harm right?"

I grinned and nodded, I guessed technically we'd made an unauthorized entry into a store but if we weren't discovered.... then we could have the place to ourselves.