The Tragic Events

Want to relate how was the Tragic Events involved my Life.
My quiet life, running my business, being honest and cheerful.

Was a peaceful day for me, enjoying being at Home, when someone knocks hardly my door.

- Wait a moment!

Was my answer to so much noise and harassment.

They didn't give an opportunity to open the door, they knocked it down.

Yelling like pigs in the slaughterhouse.


That word still is rumbling in my head.

They was quick to act, three hold me from an arm three from another, two at my legs, i didn't had any chance to defende me.

Despite my pleadings, asking for what is happening, they tied me up like i were the worse of the Criminals.

- Does you know with who are dealing?

The answer was uncouraging.
- Yes we know, you're one of the worse criminals at Lacy.

- Me? you're wrong, i'm only an innocent housewife!

They didn't believe me.

- They have denounced you as a slave trader.

- Who did it? Who could tell such lies?

I didn't get any answer. My mind works at full speed to find who it might be. Not knowing who has betrayed me hurts more than the bonds that don't let me move.


- You're wrong, let me free, you'll regreat from this.
Let me go now!

No mercy was shown by the Police, they took me to the interrogation Room.

They didn't let me sleep for days, they torture me as i would be a beast, but, i didn't tell nothing, i'm prepare for worse things that this child's play.

They took me a horrible mugshot. They laught when they took it, was with my high heels on.

They put me behind bars, in a cold cell, almost naked ...

But that wasn't for a long time...

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Revenge is the pleasure of the goddesses. My pleasure!.