I'm lab rat #1 but you may call me divatox.the house wife

Dear diary I'm a fem bot a robot that's 18 forever thanks to nanotechnology and wires and pink goo I'm a complete success for the project ..lip Corp ..I'm the fountain of youth . ..but that makes me liability . .I do not want to be destroyed . .. I'll be a good fem bot ... it's wonderful existing . .I live to serve my hubby . ..or anyone for that Matter I can make a mean steak ....

Diary do you think that others will like me knowing I'm a fem bot . ... I hope that I don't get obsolete . ....or that others try to kidnapped me,.I divatox.the the house wife machine ready for action . .

Warning from .the corporation this letter diary page mustn't be sent utter wise our work will be copied . .

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scanning . ..mood .....respiratory tract on ...feeling swell ..