A Bad Bet and Terrifying Debt



Fuck! Oh just fuckin' perfect! He loudly exclaimed as he watched lady luck flash him the finger. Time to just cut his losses and head out. Just deal with the mail and math later. No way was he standing around, though. He knew how they ran shit.

Oh well. All the casino's "employees..." He'd heard storied about it. But that had to be an extreme measure. He was confident it was still the usual system upfront. Thirty days to clear your debt. Thirty days to get fifteen thousand? It'd take a lot of phone calls but he could manage it. He brought in decent enough money for being on his own a this age. This was nothing to worry about. Just another small financial obstacle~

And with that rationalization, he began making his way toward the exit to the parking garage. Slowly, trying to keep his eyes away from the 'girls.' Didn't need that thought in his head right then. He was entirely confident. But still...a soft featured, androgynous guy like him was prime prey for this joint. At least his exit's only a short walk...

Maybe a short stop at the smoking area, actually. An hour ride home and he didn't like to smoke in the car. Not cigarettes, at least. He'd be fine. Letting himself relax on the bench, the mint smoke of his smooths coated his throat and he let the smoke out with a satisfied sigh. No harm in checking his phone real quick, either.

OOC Notes

I'm hoping to use this as an introduction to lead into me being captured and forced into service at the casino.