I'll bet you would not.. (private, invitation only)

Played by Simon Lily
1 year 2 months ago



Already checked in and had to say, my friends were right, this is place for opportunities to guy like me. Is very easy to find comppany in here, girls each sexier than other. Have to admit, that if I don't know their "secret" I would never believe. Knowing most of them are not "born as girl" turn me on.. but also thinking.. how they are made.. that is real turn on.

Unpacking my stuff to closet and drawer. I decide to head to casino, maybe I am in luck. Place look very flashy, make my way to bar, giving one waitress quick pinch, when she passes me. Maybe will make close aquintance with her later. Grin as she jumps a little and get nice smile back.

"Jack Daniels, on the rocks. Double."

I said to bartender and while she makes it, pay attention to black jack table. Good place to start to make some profit. Grab my drink and take a seat next to.. player that seem to be in winning streak, or just buy lot of play marks.

"winning, or just like to spend lot of money?" -chuckle-

I said to .. person next to me and placing my bet. Dealer start to deal cards. When player next to me turn and look at me..

"Hey.. CHAD! .. what are you doing here? anyway great to see you."

Surprised to see him here. Glad one actually. Think it's been almost year, if not count few quick calls. I have known him more than few years. Since that night in county jail.. what a mess that was. Either of us not get any charges, but many others get..and send to prison, for how long , not really know. Anyway it is not important.

But seeing him here, actually give me a crazy idea!