Mikael’s Dilemma (a CGDA mystery)



Mikael’s Dilemma (a CGDA mystery)

The Cute Girls Detective Agency (CGDA) had taken on another Cute Girl detective—Mackenzie—codename Blue.

Eager to begin, for a case, Blue asked about the Agency’s caseload and, almost as if on cue, in walked Mikael. A former dancer, dance impresario and owner of a burgeoning conglomerate of interests with a problem: his businesses, dance studio, trucking company, maid services, among others, he suspected, were being sabotaged.

It seems inquiries had been made about purchase of his business interests which were met with a ‘not interested’ by him. A simple refusal, followed by strain placed on his businesses—intentional actions? Sabotage? If so, by whom?

The Cute Girls dug in quickly, working at getting background in quick interview style.

Yes. By whom? Paulina, Mikael’s transitioned sister, a dancer had been threatened. Well, actually Mikael was warned he might lose her if he didn’t pay attention to her, if he carried on with his business interests. That by Olga.

Olga, an egotistical woman, completely self-absorbed. Olga who subverted Lacy CEO Ms. Deena, now sub Daisy Needsmore. Olga who subverted Anne Thrope into Petrushka, her sub for ages until she was moved on or moved on.

So one suspect on a no-doubt developing list.

BUT some other culprit? Perhaps. The Cute Girls aren’t sure if they can trust Mikael, if he has told all.

And so the mystery proceeds.

OOC Notes

Everyone who reads this is encouraged to participate. If a girl has a clue, it need not be ‘true’—often there are false clues. Or perhaps that clue turns the story in that direction. Don’t be shy. Give it a try if you’re inclined.—Steffy