Jessika makes it to the swimming pool, to sun bathe



This was continued from here.

:I step out of the elevator and walk down the hall to the doors leading through the Spa and finally to the pool area. The one-piece swimsuit I am wearing leaves little to the imagination in the daylight. I peruse the area looking for a good place to lay out and sunbathe.:

"Miss....where is the best spot to sun bathe, I don't wiah to get have any shadows interfere with it for the next hour?....pants"

thinks "I will deal with the insubordinate bitches after I relax , no since getting all upset about it now."

:as the girl walks by without responding, I get a bit perplexed from being ignored and look for a good place to lounge on my own:

:Looks for a vacant lounger, seeming a bit confused over the absence of any free ones even though the area does not seem very crowded:

OOC Notes

(I have no idea that the swimsuit I was given is so see through outside. Indoors it looked like a rather conservative white one-piece. The sheer nature of the swim wear makes it appear as if my blonde bush does not exsist. Also, my pussy is still rather heated from a treated dousche.)