Enoucnters: nights of Worth for Emily

Played by Kyra
1 year 2 months ago



I look at the time on my cell phone. Emily should be here within the hour. I wonder if they gave her the cure to that cock-serum? I doubt it. i almost feel bad about the way I tricked her. But almost is almost. I laugh aloud...

I told her that I love the idea of being woken up by a blow job. Though I totally won't be asleep for it, I can certainly pretend. I made the arrangements that the door would be open for her thumb print.

I lay down in my bed, naked of course, and lay back and wait to see when she arrives. And if she'll wake me u with her words or her lips.... or I guess her hands, but that would be boring...

OOC Notes

of course Emily coming from the middle of her reeducation