Maid to gamble.



"Come on, come on baby... come on! Yes... YES... NO!"

As the last wheel stops on a cherry instead of the final 7 that would have repaid me of the last two hours of playing, the sweet feminine pre-recorded voice of the slot machine invites me to try again. My hand instinctively goes to the chips bucket, before i remember that was my last shot, and i'm out of money.

frustrated, i throw a kick at the machine, but only manage to stub my toe. My Vegas vacation is not going as planned, that's for sure... i think i'm already well above my budget, i haven't won anything, and i haven't scored with the chicks either. Maybe that is what i should try next...

but well, i gotta win SOMETHING at the slots eventually, right? I stop by the ATM, refill my bucket with tokens, and go right back to the machine, to resume mindlessly chugging money down the drain.

OOC Notes

Looking to have this character turned into this character, a maid locked in chastity and forced to work in the casino hotel. looking for an interested dominant to pick up this story, and if interested, take ownership of the character for future plays as well.