Cheaters Always Lose....(PM for Invite)



Randall grins as he reads the email (from a friend who happens to be a private investigator) detailing the result of his inquiry - his recently steady 'fuckbuddy' had a drunken tirade over her asshole of an ex-boyfriend the other night, some pathetic guy named Stuart Strome, she ranted and raved about how he had the smallest dick she had ever seen and was a literal 'two pump chump'. Anyways, Micro-Dick had the nerve to fuck one of her friends while they were dating and she still hasn't seemed to have gotten over the experience. Figuring he might aide in her emotional recovery process, he took the liberty of using his numerous contacts to identify loser-boi's current where-abouts. The short email simply reads -

Dear Mr. Randall,

Stuart Strome (AKA - Suzette Strome)
Location of employment and residence - Lacy Place Casino and Resort
Phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx
Apartment Number xxx
Most Recent Photo -

He laughs out loud, "Fuck, and I thought I was going to have to break in Bitch-Boi, but it looks like someone has beat me to the punch! This will make her fuckin day!" What are the odds of that? The former beta-male happened to live in the same city as them? And he worked at the same company at a lower level position? Hehe, this was going to be too easy.

He types his victim's number into his phone sending pussy-boi Stuart, no Sissy Suzzette, a short text - 'Apartment xxx... NOW! -Master Randall' He grins as he sends the text, no doubt she had heard of him, if she had worked there very long at all, she would know that he has a reputation of being one of the crueler and more sadistic masters in this part of Vegas.