Erotic "SPERM-SPUNK" Tavern of EJACULATING Beverages

OH WICKED WANDA the rich heiress to the Von Kreesus forture has conjured up a heavy brew of "creme de la cum" liquor. This is a Super MALE Spermatozoon drink stronger and more powerful. They will have longer tails and be Olympain swimmers and easily fight the ferocious current inside a Woman's Fallopian tubles. The sex-determining double X chromosomes will create next generation of fertilizated eggs that will be all FEMALE as She plans to breed the new Super Superior Sex offspring. In time this will beCUM the new...
Those not worthy, the weak inferior sissy sperm cells, will transformed the new sissy species of man, a sub-species who's only purpose is to serve Women. They shall beCUM nothing more but mere living sperm storage vessels and human incubators for the embryos and fetuses and serve only as domesticated Feminizified servants.

Created by


A group of FOREIGN INVESTORS have taken an interest in the "SPERM-SPUNK" Tavern and feel it would be a good investment for them. Unknown to me they plan to keep me on only after some alterations are made and my days of owning this establishment are gone. Before I could react some strong armed men grap me and strip me as I go off kicking and screaming fighting back only to be harness to one my own FUCKing machines.

Sex Booth: human CUM receptacles

The TAVERN is eager to accept ALL sperm donations and readily provide approriate receptacles. One has the choice of an anal or vagina opening given each a rather unique favoring "creamie pie" aftertaste. We suggest that the servers are forced to enjoy and indulge in the intense pleasure of being gloriously violated before you finally ejaculate inside them.
"FIND yourself a desirable partner and then...

BUSTY BAR Maidens for hired

The TAVERN can use sissy bois like this. After some physical alterations, like shrink the penis to the size of a little pimple and enlarge the Breasts to massive "mother's milk" capacity. These Perversion of Natures can now live the lives of the opposite sex.
ALL applications for new hire will be accept here...
"Pleasssse, SOMEBODY help me!!!"