A new home

Played by Jean Tylor
1 year 3 months ago



My escort leads me to the employee housing and shows me the door
taking out the key I was given I press it to the lock and it clicks open

I smile to the girl and thank her for showing me the way
as she leaves she tells me that all I need to know to get around will be inside and that she hopes to see me around. with that said she Curtsey and walks away.

grabbing my bags I enter the room and close the door.

at first I admit that it is a lot plushier then one would think for employee housing
small kitchen but fine for my needs, living space which I assume doubles as the bedroom.
bathroom for 2 odd but seeing as how the bed is suppose to be for 2 seems only fair

I place my back pack and case on the counter and take of my hoodie
sitting on the couch I still cant believe what is happening so far and what the possibilities could be