***Pre-Opening*** - Costume Rental and Shop - *closed atm for renovations*



I'd gotten the call from Miss Ripley's accountant. I was to go and check out the final fittings of their new store in the Casino Mall and also oversee the arrival of a second shipment of the shop's new stock.

Miss Ripley had 'kindly' offered me the role of shop manager of her store. Why she trusted me, I don't know. It wasn't as if I had a good track record. Still, I grabbed at the chance, it would be better than being forced to work as a hotel maid or fighting of the wandering hands of customers that came with the waitressing gig. No, shopgirl would still be my job of choice and with Miss Ripley as my boss instead of the faceless and unscrupulous Mall bosses, I was hopeful this venture would fare better than my last one in the mall.

Why Ripley had chosen a costume shop wasn't a question I'd asked her. Guess she saw a gap in the market but I suspected she enjoyed having her girls or staff dressed up and promoting. Her delight when telling me it was a job requirement for working there was pretty clear. Regardless of her motives, I still reckoned on the shop work being more fruitful and less frustrating than the others.

It had been a frustrating few weeks. Like an attack of the crazies after new year. Surely that was behind me now? Talking to Jacqueline had helped immensely but all this was another story. It really was time to put all that behind me, I had a job to go to.