Lacy Diary blog for Joseph

* Arghh!! Car gets wrecked on-route back home. Another six hours journey, but I'm going to have to dump my drive and try and find another way to get back. I think (hope) I've sufficiently moved the vehicle away from the road to a safe place. At least there's a hotel nearby, although it does look kinda pricey.

* Man, this place is huge. It looked big from the outside, but when you get in, it's really impressive. There are a lot of pretty girls working here too. Tempted just to stay the night here, even if I do find extra transport. I'm really...

...ulp, someone's here!

* I can't believe my car has been towed away by the police!! Belinda, (or Bimbo as she's apparently known) has shown me the pictures. I am beyond pissed off about this. And now I have to deal with that drama, as well as fork over $300 ($500?) for a room. Not happy!

* Hah! Apparently Bimbo has offered to pay for my room, the charges to the car AND give me cash by the hour just to fill in some dumb survey. I couldn't sign the form any quicker! Looks like things are looking up for once tonight!

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