horny slave girl cock pussy ready slut ..gets a bath and fed.

Played by andie Tiffany
1 year 2 months ago



It was night i was meeting some clients ...i was being dragged by my ornament leash nipples.


I was being dragged as my nipples flesh was being pulled

I was pushed into a males bathroom

Where there was a sign that say ..on my neck blowjobs 12$

The client walked up to me and said as he pulled me by ears ..your nothing but a slut here is 12 dollars ...

I begin rubbing my head on his croutch). Area he say ummm)yesss

Then i unzipped his pants with my mourh pulling down the zipper delicatly

I see his large pecker his penis

I pulled it out i put my attention on his balls..

I kissed his balls teased them with my tongue .. I fondling his balls cradling his balls in my.fingertips....
Then i cupping his balls and i popped them in my slave mouth sucking)on said balls with my mouth sucking them softly....