Sissy swallows and Kathy Locked in love..[privet, invite only]

Played by Kathy lynn
1 year 4 months ago



Continued form

there she is My Sissy the most beautiful girl I have ever known.. We past each other many times not even saying high, But always I had my eye on her, then just so happen I had to take over for her sick Mistress my sister, Then it was if passion took over and we had no chose but to kneel to all our desires, and now we refused to be a part from each other..
That's me Kathy, She calls me her Goddess others call me Mistress..But when I'm with my Sissy I'm not sure who is who, I have given her the freedom to express her self in pleasure for the both of us, and I do the same..
Can you guess our favorite color..Giggle.. We love sexy lingerie dressing up, and of course we share everything together...