Lara's Descent Begins

Played by johnny 'lara'
1 year 4 months ago



Tired, fed up, and depressed, I made my way to the garden and sat down on a bench. At least it was somewhat tranquil here... I had room to think. There had to be some way I could escape this mess. Dressed like a girl, long fingernails, extensions, breastforms.... it was like something out of a nightmare. At least I could wear these jeans and a loose t-shirt; I looked somewhat androgynous like that.... and it could have been worse, I guess, they could have given me breast implants or some other such horror.
No, they couldn't take my mind though....I knew who I was, I knew I was Johnny. A normal guy, still interested in girls, just happening to be looking like a girl. If only I had visited the Lacy Place a couple of days earlier.... I would have still been 17, and they wouldn't have been able to trick me like this...