Frankly My Dear I Don't Give A Damn

Played by Frank Conners
1 year 5 months ago



I generally loathe Lost Wages, Nevada, for that is what it is meant to do. You arrive here and they want to take it all from you. I never tried this particular casino before. I mean the name alone makes my skin crawl. Who calls a Casino 'The Lacy Place' and expect to draw the kind of clientele a casino needs to be in business.

I walk onto the floor and look about. It is odd that I do not see all that many men, but the women are stunning. I could just stand here and drool from both my mouth and my cock for hours on end. I have to admit, it might be worth a roll of quarters just to have a cute cocktail waitress walk up and ask me if she can get me anything.

Of course, I would chat her up and attempt to find out when she gets off duty. I have no intention of staying here or going beyond that plan, but it certainly cannot hurt.

I walk about and find a slot that calls to me; I mean who can resist a slot called Black Magic. I check it out on my mobile and it seems like a good bet, so I take a seat, put in a reasonable bet and push the button. After all, I cannot expect to get a free drink if I do not play a machine, as for the rest. I do not really give a damn.

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