A night out (what would have happened)

Played by mj honeydove
1 year 6 months ago



A heavy sigh.... another night alone on the strip... moving to Vegas as an adult? Not really the best decision I've ever made.... but Mom came down here and she needed help at the time... and it's too expensive to move back to Oregon... let alone the cost of living... I need to find a job at some point or my benefits from the military retirement are going to go out the window... but that's not for another few years. I look around the casino I'm in... I kind of just followed the crowd... what place is this anyway?

As I scan the room I see most of the place is designed to look like a modern casino... but something is off.... it takes a few minutes of looking at the different tables and at the staff walking around with trays of drinks and hors d'oeuvres for the casino guests. All of them are insanely hot women of varying heights, ethnicity, and hair colors... but aside from that they all seem to have the same build.... insanely fit and shapely.

I look around the room some more and one of them comes up to me.

Waitress: "What can I get you?"

Me: "Uh.... a Coke... no ice... I guess... where am I?"

Waitress: "The Lacey Place silly! We are Vegas' best kept secret! Just a little ways off the main strip, most people never notice us until they walk in!" She winks at me. "You're cute... you know... this place is considered lucky."

Me: "Why's that?" As I ask another waitress comes up and hands me a drink of coke with no ice. "Uh... thanks...? But how did you?"

The waitress winks at me and walks off. The other answers my question.

Waitress: "Why because we've got the highest win rates and the most beautiful girls here! Whatever you desire is yours... and you might even find yourself staying longer than you thought..." She winks and walks off before I can ask another question.

I reach for her but back off thinking that it'd be weird if I did ask more questions... then suddenly I realize why this place feels so weird... instead of the neutral colors the whole casino is painted light pink with different colors highlighting it and making it somewhat girly all around.

I decide to ignore it and sit down at a slot machine, penny slots, and put in a $20. I get lucky on my first pull and double my money... from there I continue to keep at about the same, not really paying attention I keep drinking my coke not paying attention to anything else, trying to repeat my success.