SissyTech is a high-tech, high-end company for all your sissy technology needs! SissyTech has everything you need from chastity belts, to implants, to surveillance equipment. Should you need any gadget to better control or play with your sissy, SissyTech is there for you!

If you ever need help finding a particular product, please don't hesitate to see our specialists. A demonstration can even be arranged should you need convincing. We also have a showroom should you simply want to window shop

If you have complaints, please write directly to our CEO Arianne Bellemont

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Demonstration Room

Past a small innocuous room in the back is a private demonstration room. This small dimly lit room offers everything one might need to test the SissyTech products on their sissy. Multiple straps and restraints are offered in case of a rowdy sissy.

Client Desk

You see a desk with multiple employees behind it. They seem to keep to themselves waiting for a new client to arrive.

If you wish to have help choosing which of our product is right for you, our employees are here to help you. says a recording playing around the shop.