Cecil is taken in



I've not had a good life, so far. Orphaned at 10, and fostered. Now, I'm 25 - my foster parents are old and infirm, and it has been decided I must stand on my own feet, now.

The first step is to find a job - anything to earn my keep. And the Social Worker who handles my case says she knows a place that will train me to do something useful, provide board and lodging, food, uniform and training.

So she's brought me to this place. At first glance, it looks far too grand for the likes of me. We are faced with the Reception desk -

I'm overawed buy the grandeur of the place - not what I'm used to, at all!

I ask for a moment, to go to the bathroom - and am told it's 'Down that corridor - you can't miss it.'

Down the corridor, I find two doors, and no clear indication which is which - so I go in :-

and am immediately struck by two things - first, the sheer magnificence of the place, and second, there are no urinals, only cubicles. I must have made the wrong choice, this doesn't look like the male bathroom!

I hurriedly back out, only to be grabbed by two girls, and frogmarched back to Reception, where they accuse me of being a Peeping Tom, and hand me over to the Receptionist.