Alex Swanson: Down the Rabbit Hole (Invite Only)



After presumingly ridding myself of various tattoos and piercings, I elect to go to the Lobby to meet with Amanda Wells who may have found information regarding my case.
I strut forward, and drink in the surroundings. I remember when I first set through those doors a year ago, and was thrust into a whirlwind. As a junior detective, my case was to find a missing person. However, after a while "exploring" I've learned almost nothing about the man I was sent here to search of, save that his name is Joe Hesse. One of my contacts mentioned Jeannette, but no one seems to recognize the name. The only thing I have is my dignity (sort of, crossdressing is hard), and a manila folder with the details of Joe Hesse, and a few images of Jeanette.

Regardless, I'm here now, and I'm ready to bust this case wide open.

As I enter the Lobby, I start looking for Amanda Wells... somewhere.

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