Trapped Sissy



I walk in the front doors, noticing an odd air about the place. Something seems strange/different, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. My thoughts are interrupted by the smile of a beautiful young female passing by. Despite my efforts not to look her over, I can't help but notice the slutty outfit she is wearing, and find myself making an effort not to let my arousal show. She has clearly noticed my inspection of her, but seems to not be bothered by it, returning a further smile and wink in my direction before scurrying past. He hips sway irresistibly back and forth as she scampers away.

I'm quietly thankful that I was not called out for leching, give my head a shake and move past the entrance. I'm quite thirsty from the long walk, and am aware of the pressing need to find some help and get back to the car I left abandoned on the side of the road. On the other hand, it's been a rather stressful day, and I'm feeling the need to unwind a bit before returning to the grind of everyday life. I give in to my gambling addiction and decide to treat myself to a few rounds at one of the tables before seeking out the help I originally came in for.

I look around the casino, and after further inspection notice that the place is abundant with further women similar to the one I had noticed near the entrance. All young and beautiful, and all scantily clad in varying forms of lingerie, dresses, corsets and a number of other provocatively adorned outfits. Again I fight the arousal I feel by looking at their outfits, and try not to imagine myself with one of them. I adjust my search to locate the nearest poker table, as it has always been my game of choice, and the one where I have historically enjoyed the most 'luck'. I notice one not too far away, and begin moving towards it.

En route to the table, I notice a set of doors leading to another room, labelled "The Back Rooms". I can't help but wonder what lay beyond them, and if I am perhaps missing out on some form of higher stakes poker with bigger payoffs. I eventually arrive at the table I had originally identified. The dealer is, coincidentally, a beautiful and sexy looking young woman. Her hair is long and blonde, ending in large golden curls. She has large bright blue eyes, immaculately done up with mascara, eyeliner and dark eye shadow with a slight glitter to it, and a glossy dark and very suggestive red lipstick. Her skin is perfect and smooth, like something you would expect to see from a Victoria secret model, and her outfit would likely make said model blush. A gorgeous sexy black corset with decorative ribbing and jeweled body, large breasts spilling out of her top, at risk of falling out completely. Her legs are uncovered, smooth and supple. As I look back up I feel a slight blush rush to my cheeks as the dealer winks at me in her indication that she was fully aware of my inspection. I give my head another shake. Is there no one in this casino to serve drinks? My thirst is getting worse and it might be a welcome distraction from the women here. I sit down at the table and pull out my wallet. "May I be dealt in on the next hand?" I say as I place my money on the table for cash in.

OOC Notes

Please read character info for background and story intro. Also to find do's and don't s. You should get a general feeling of where the story should go. Anyone is welcome.