Such is the way the world turns(private start, open later)

Played by Diana Kennedy Porter
1 year 8 months ago



My name is Diana...

I was born and raised a hard working southern girl who loves nature and who loves my family

I am happy to be one who observes my surroundings with open eyes and ears always calculating. and my heart and mind as one voice for me as I say what I think with it I'm not easy to impress but I'm always looking for the next big new things

I travel to work in a private coach plane to my uncle's mine to help with his silver project the work is hard the heat is unbearable at times but the payday is wonderful when we strike it

I've seen a lot in the number of times I've been from point A to point B and its always changing as is the way of the World's turning but to sit down and share these experiences with a friend who I hope will become the one I love most would be the thing that would make me happy more than anything else in the world.