I laugh at my reflection in the mirror and purr with satisfaction how I look, how I have prepared my self for tonight.

The dress short, flouncy and girly when I twist a hint of garter belt strap shows and I giggle. These girly lacy girls how can they wear this stuff? No wonder they get picked up and used.
Tonight I have decided I will not be my leather clad self and, with a liberal spay of cheap perfume I grab my purse and open the door to leave.

I smile half way through the door, pause and remove my ID and cards leaving just a few dollars and my room card, which I tuck in the lining of my purse.

I chuckle catching the elevator down to the club room and once through secuity I am inside and head to the bar.
The music is loud and I struggle to be heard ordering my drink but, Vodka in hand, I turn and lean against the bar looking out across the room.

Tonight I am just one of the girls.