Sumthin' WICKED this way CUMS! (open)

Played by sissyfit
1 year 8 months ago



At Providence "The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH" makes it's last stand. GONE forever is the parade of wild animal acts, elephants, exhibitions of trained horsemanship and public spectacle of clown performances all for the amusement and entertainments of the masses. But unknown to the world another circus is about to form at the LACY PLACE, one that is comprised not of animals (you can thanks the animal activists for this) but Human Perversions of Nature. Take a ride on Ray Bradbury's Transmutation Carousel and join the SheMale troupe of Sex performers.
The carousel music starts up and the fluorescent colored lights comes on...

In the distance a most Superior and Powerful WONAN is dragging a poor simpering soul, one who's soon about to be no loner a "man" anymore. If that gender-bending amusement park ride has it's way with him.

OOC Notes

Of course there's NO magic here at the LACY PLACE it's all a fantasy nightmare right? Just try waking up from this dream...