Fortuna's Birthday!

Name: Joanna K.
Date:August-September 2016
Age: 26
Location: Employee housing

Yaayy a party!!!
Its been a while shince i gone to a party. I bought a set of casual t-shirts for her, i hope i liked her.
One good thing with parties is that you get the chance to meet people who dont meet every day, such as Jacqueline, Marky, Amanda Wells, Eveline and the others. Its been so many times that i had completely forgot a gurl until i met her again in a party. We kinda forget the people who are around us almost every day and such social events until we encounter them in a party. Is that always the case with everyone or just me?

But the party was funny, plenty of cake and drinks around, Amanda Wells acting funny and getting slightly drunk, dancing around...

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