Planning my escape. Part 1

Name: Joanna K.
Date: Friday, 5 August 2016, 02:30
Age: 25
Location: My room, Employee housing

During my first days in the Lacy Place i remembered that i swore to myself to find a way to escape the Casino. The time passed, and with all the responsibilities and my economic dependency on the casino i decided to delay my plans.
But this ongoing procrastination had to come to an end before i get further down the path of the woman's lifestyle. Recently i realized that the more i live like that, the more a deep, secret pscyhopathetic part of my inner self enjoyed it. The fact that i actually enjoyed the Boss of the Hellfire club fucking me, really shaked my mind. I have to come with a plan to escape, and do it soon!!

Observing the heavy security and the well organised moniroting of the casino on its employees, i decided that the best i can do is to get another partner to help me, for surely i wouldnt be able to do it alone.
It took me a lot of days and nights to figure out who this person should be, but in the middle of a very stressful night i realized that the only person able to help is actually the one who is closer at my position, as an employee, and as a victim, and in fact, the person i was the most acquainted with.

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