Detective Alex Seeks to "Clean Off" the Sins of Yesteryear

Played by LustyV
1 year 8 months ago



Detective Alex, investigator of a case involving Joe Hesse, a Hopeless Romantic whose ideas of 'love' was hopeless. Joe I suppose now goes as Jeanette. Interesting choice of alias. Bottom line, he's missing, and I was sent to find him.

A year ago I made a deal with a one Mistress Dyvia. Information for my services. The catch: I spent the last year, supposedly, in a state of sleep while an ai controlled my body. What resulted was my current predicament:
I'm dressed like a hussy (not that unusual around here) with tattoos located damn near everywhere on my body. Some piercings are located in my tongue (which I'm confused to learn that I don't mind as much as I should), and ears.

Mistress Dyvia said to come here to remove them, and I guess that's my first objective. Then to find something decent to wear...
I walk into the Spa expected an assault of pink, but I was instead embraced by a comforting green. Windows illuminate the area, with candles flickering. I walk towards the front desk ,and wait for someone to show up.
"Hello, I was sent by a one Mistress Dyvia... I need some uh, tattoos and piercings removed. And maybe a haircut..."

OOC Notes

The previous part of the story is located here:
Thanks to Mistress Dyvia I am able to effectively reboot (get it, ai) a character I grew sort of attached to hah. I plan on having him to an investigation similar to the old noirs of the 40's and 30's. Think Dick Tracy. :) Anyone is welcome to put in their two-cents. I like hearing outside opinions on stuff I write.