Last girl standing

Played by AngieG
1 year 8 months ago



I stroll into the garden, its so quiet and peaceful out here. Don't see any of the girls around, guess they are getting their beauty rest.

We ladies have so much to do if we are going to look our best for work.

I have changed so much in the space of a couple of hours, I have been transformed into a sexy sissy slut. I have so many of the male customers chasing after me, trying to win my favor.

To think that I used to make fun of guys that wanted to be girls= chicks with dicks.

And now I am a ne of those gurls. Amanda is going to help me find a job here, she thinks that working as a high priced hooker is just the thing for me.

I am not so sure about that one but I might be willing if the right guys come along.

OOC Notes

guess there's a somethings wrong with th site. I seem to be the only girl around.