All or nothing

Played by becca.dear
1 year 8 months ago



I will teach that crazy ex-girlfriend of mine, how dare she kick me out of the house. Calling me a sissy just because I liked wearing some of her cloths on occasion and kneeling submissively at her feet. She thought it was fun in the beginning and now tells me she needs a real man and not a little submissive sissy.

Taking some of her cloths before she can notice I head out and leave to empty out our joint bank account. With the cash in a bag I check into a cheap hotel to think of what I will do next. Recalling there is casino close by I have nothing to lose and after I win a lot of money she will be sorry for treating me this way.

Not sure if she has called the police about the account, I think it is best to change so nobody will recognize me. Satisfied with how I look I close the door and head out.

Walking into the casino I am a bit nervous thinking everyone is looking at me so I walk around a bit and get a drink to settle my nerves.

Finally I make my way over to the blackjack table and even the dealer is treating me like any other woman in the place so the disguise must be working.

After winning a few hands I start to increase my bets and this is where my luck changes. It seems if I get a 19 the house gets a 20 and if I get a 20 the house gets a 21. Just close enough to keep me betting and believing my luck is going to change soon. I should have know better and before long all my money is gone.

Panic starts to take over as I realize I do not even have enough money for my cheap hotel room. I can not go to work since I am sure by now the law is looking for me.