Sleeping Beauty: A Year of Slumber

Played by LustyV
1 year 9 months ago



The blackness envelops me softly, but eerily. My mind races as I try to keep up with reality. I feel lost in a void of self. Of nothing but my mind.
Who was I?
Yes, a detective. I have, or had, a girlfriend I believe. I'm 24? Maybe? I was a man, or should still be I think. My name was shortened from Alexander to Alex. Why though? Who am I then? Everything keeps spinning in my mind. Memories, my purpose. Yes. I was sent somewhere to... Shit I can't conjure the words. It's right there.
I continue to drift into and out of reality. Not that I can tell. I was never sure of where I am in relation to the universe. Only tha- missing persons!
That was the mission. To investigate a missing persons report! That's it. I just need to remember where I was sent.
I wish that loud ringing would cease. It's driving me nuts.
The bells and whistles in my mind remind me that I need to get my head on straight.
The case was closed, from what I remember. I just can't remember wher-

-Whooop Whooop-

A loud noise finally snaps me into reality. All around me are sirens, and wails, and shouts. Card games being won and lost, bets being made. People laughing, and crying. I'm in Vegas. I am also cold. Very cold. And very thirsty.
I look down and see myself laying down on a small loveseat at the edge of the casino. I've lost weight, and my hands are shaky. I'm dressed in a tube top and thigh-high shorts. I look down at my proudly present package and sigh a relief. I'm wearing... blue panties? My, I guess, breastforms are likewise cradled in a matching bra. My long hair falls down around me, unkempt.
"Was I -gulp- drugged?"
I try to sit up. It was a success.
I look around and try to get myself under control. I have little to no recollection of what has happened. I definitely didn't drink too much. How long was I out?
I stand up, and wave down a waitress. Maybe I can get some answers, or maybe just some water.

OOC Notes

After a year long hiatus I thought I'd revive my old character Alex. Alex was a detective, and was feminized to go undercover in order to investigate some missing person reports. Turns out that they "voluntarily" stayed here. Afterwards Alex kind of relaxed and planned to leave Lacy Place. Problem: He(she) she never made it past the front door, and a year has passed since.
My objective I guess is to get back into the groove of things hah. Alex wasn't formally feminized or anything. However he did try pegging once after getting trashed. :)
Alex wants to leave, but I guess I want to find a good reason for him to stay. Preferably something to do with his detective work. PM me or OCC here if you have any ideas.