Diary of a bitch

Having taken a break from the lifestyle for a while to recharge my batteries, destroying men and dealing with impetuous sissies all the time takes its toll both mentally and emotionally.

But, having got away from it all and enjoying myself in the sun for a few months I feel it's time to get back in the game.

I heard that the Lacy Place is a good place to find victims but so far it seems a bit lightweight for my liking. I already have several pathetic sissy maids who look after my properties for me, I don't need anymore.

The trouble is, I enjoy dominating men, men who don't wear panties and dream of being Taylor Swift and I certainly don't want a sissie 'girlfriend'. As if a pathetic cross dressing boy could ever be on an equal pegging with me.

I'll hang around for a few more days but if I don't encounter any straight men that I can turn out then I guess I'll move on.

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