Andrea tifffanys diary ..

What can I say but I am happy I had a Chance to be a bunny Mistress Jewel given me a nice shot ..oh but then I was fired as I didn't meet the requirements for the bunny job

I remember walking out of in the cold dark wet rain by myself . .I was attacked oh I should not try to hide it I was stabbed with glass and nails it was painful

I don't know why I didn't fight back actually I do I was so distracted by the distress of being kicked off the bunny place ..

I was saved By a shadowy figure I was disoriented abd loopy from the drug that The lady injected me but its my fault for walking alone I shouldn't have done that

After being on lots of pain I was saved I know who saved me now Diana did . For two days I can't work Plus I have a few scars scars are cool tho..

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Feeling confused happy sad and mad .and happiness