Kimberly ann hearts) waters thoughts ,

Hi hello it's Kimberly pet gurl I remember lots of things the fact that Mistress Tawny and Mistress Daphne I didn't meet up on good terms I remember vomiting on them .. they ask my name which was Kimberly ann heart waters my mom was the one who gave me this name even if I was a boy guy man ..

Anyways I remember that they agreed to be my Mistress Both of them I said yes I exposed my body my clittyyy was seen I was ashamed I thought they were not going to be taking me in but they surprised me got me a collar it had My pet name it was pink I'm was allowed to sleep on the floor I like that My Mistresses let me

I remember going to get Surgeryat Dr tangs office.

I got a fuctions) girl Virginia . .

I think that is what it's called . .oh I sorry that I'm going to stop writing for the night but I have to be at the bottom of the bed for my Mistresses I love it so much .

Oh its time for my feeedings) im a good pet .
Byeeee) diary xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo

Ps I'm well Taking care of pets are Reallyso much oh I have tuna in my bowl . .

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Happy and feeling great being a property a pet .