Coming to terms

Played by AmberC
1 year 10 months ago



My Girl friend forced me into living and dressing full time as a sissy. "Andy you will better off this way, you look and act so effeminate. To be honest all of our friends think you are a Fairy anyway. . You don't have a choice.

You are so weak and wimpy, if I can beat you up anyone can. I just think about what's best for you. I have arranged for you to work as salesgirl and the Lacy place casino. They will take very good care of you.

Pam and her friends at the salon rally did a wonder job. I do look so very feminine thanks to those hormones , I even have a nice set of boobs and my male parts are so much smaller.

I wander around the Casino working up the nerve to report for work.

I just hope none of the guys find out that I'm chick with a tiny dick