Lady Sandy Pullman Finds Her Missing Girl[PRVT!]

Played by Alice Lynn
1 year 9 months ago



Coming back to the Red Light District.. My old friends were very happy to see me especially My lovely little sister Ayumi whom I found a log time ago and thought every thing I know a about being an escort....

They all have been asking where I've been "A porn star" I tell them..The truth is I and a mark one night with a very rich lady, And she continence me that she could make me very rich and famous... And being the dumb slut that I am I went with her I'm a most exciting way, thinking of all the calmer, and red carpet walks cameras in hiding waiting for the rich and beautiful Alice Lynn to appear in hopes they may get a shot of me..

the truth is that once I was in there little circle of prominent Woman I was bought and sold for there pleasure...

But one night I was let our of my cage By a woman I have never seen and she was beautiful and she kept my for 4 days and I wanted to stay with her but couldn't.. After some time had passed I heard all the prominent Lady s talking and there was some others in captivity like me, one by one the were all released, but I was left for last... Then that same lady came back and she walked around my cage looking at me then she smiled and left, then the lady that had first put me in captivity came in and open the cage..Not knowing what was going on I was left alone and I ran away... Come to find out she was the richest and the most Prominent of them all.....So now I spend my time as an escort thinking about Miss Sandy and looking over my shoulder...

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