Met a new guy, Hank Green.

Name: Joanna K.
Date: August 2016
Age: 25
Location: Casino, employee housing

I met a highly intellectual guy, named Hank Green. I met him while returning to the Casino from shopping. My initial thoughts were to find a way to seduce him to my room and find a way to lay my hands on his wallet, but the results were even funnier and kinkier than i expected.

But i ended up driving him out of my house. My reactions wasnt what he expected. I got mad at him. But deep inside me, i was mad at the fact that i couldnt control him and get what i want out of him. I was angry that this guy had developed his own, distinct, resilient personality and wasnt like the rest of the clients that usually comes to our casino. But that wasnt the end as he stood out of my door, explaining me what he really wanted and that he perceived my reactions as aggressive. Maybe he was right after all. My reactions are unexpected and weird some times, so i opened the door for him to come in, and continue.

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