Joanna and Yuhana feminize Chris.

Name: Joanna K.
Date: August 2016
Age: 25
Location: Casino, employee housing

I received a message from the Lacy Place management to help a casino's employee into feminizing a new victim. The orders were clear and i could not refuse. I had to go to a suite named "Princess suite" where i found another girl, Yuhana Scott, waiting.

We both had to help maid Greta to feminize a newcomer, named Chris. I couldnt tolerate Greta's orders and bossy personality, so i tried to protest, only to get stunned by her with my stun gun. It was a traumatic experience.

But at least i earned some money from the victim. Stealing his money out of his wallet is not the most legal thing to do, but it was worth the trouble.

Eventually, it turned out that Greta's perception of jokes is far different than mine. Touchy and dramatic as she was, she sensed that im getting hostile too, so she sent me away, just like what she did to Yuhana earlier.

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