Emily out on the town (Open to all)

Played by Nikita Beauchamp
1 year 11 months ago



Emily seems not to worried when in the private room, well maybe being seen and used in public will help her except her place back in the Lacy family. Smart enough to escape one, dumb enough to return and try to rob the casino.

The door closes behind our little group, Emily's nipple bells are chiming softly as we walk. Emma looks delicious holding Emily's leash. Now to just find our girl a few playmates.

We move through the fringe of the casino floor the sound of the slots people talking and laughing I see some people looking and guide our group near them and stop putting a twenty in a slot. Heel Emily I say and watch Emma tug our pretty pet to a kneeling position.

I press one dollar bet and push the button and smile at the droolers

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