A Friend in Need



The thundering banging on his grubby motel door made Jamie feel it wasn't the sort of knock you get from room service offering to turn down your sheets, jumping off the bed, Jamie grabbed the pile of cash and stuffed it into his large holdall just as a second thundering knock made the door frame creak a little more.

One more knock like that and they are going to in the room thought Jamie quickly zipping the bag closed and glancing towards the window as moved with nervous haste towards it.

Swinging it open wide, Jamie gazed down into the alley and then towards his bedside table and his passport just as the door came crashing from it hinges and two very large men came bursting in screaming something at him in Russian.

Making the leap of faith, Jamie landed arse first into a large dumpster full of cardboard boxes that cushioned his landing, scrambling out, Jamie was a little shaken but at least he still had his balls and the bag full of cash in his hand.

Sprinting down the alley and onto the street, Jamies mind was turning over thoughts of how to escape when it came to him in a flash and with a wave of his hand he hailed a passing cab, well the third one stopped and he jumped in, perspiring a little from the excitement and with his adrenaline pumping he told the cabby to take him to the Lacy Place where his old friend had extended his vacation apparently.

Arriving just outside he handed the cabby the fare, grabbed his back and made his way inside in the hope of finding safety and his old friend.

Jamie had first met his friend in a bar as he celebrated his first St Patricks day in the USA and although they parted company he kept in touch via text.

Lurking around in the hotel bar, trying his best not to look to shifty and draw attention to himself Jamie asked several very attractive waitresses if they knew his friend and each time received the same reply, No.

Feeling a little exasperated by the events, Jamie made his way to the bar and ordered himself a pint and decided to try and send him a text message on his phone, he hadn't heard from him in a while and assumed he must be busy with work, he didn't even know if the number he still had was still in use, but hell Jamie was desperate and needed some help.

He knew by now his passport would in the hands of Sergei and any chance of fading into the sunset would be remote, they don't give up easily those Russian villain types and if they ever caught you, well Jamie just gave a shudder at the thought of what they would do.

Calming himself a little as he took a swig of his pint, Jamie looked around and smiled, he could see exactly why he would want to holiday here, the sly fox, they always say you have to watch the quiet ones he thought.