Red is the color of passion (prvt)

Played by Kyra
2 years 1 day ago



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Two days ago I left Nikita by herself.with a proposal. i'v been torn ever since. should I have tried harder to convince her? or if I chad stayed longer would I have discouraged her? This is my shot at freedom.. but its also a chance to help a friend.. but i one goes wrong, who knows they both could.

I spent my own money to make an appointment here. and quite frankly, money is hard to come by when you are in my position.

I walk into the lobby and let the receptionist know I'm here. I sit down and open a magazine. my heart thumping.. I'm barely able to read a sentence... i've either set myself back a month... or I've taken a step toward freedom. Even if she agrees to submit to the hairstyle, there is no guarantee she will sign herself over to me so easily...

Fuck I'm stressed... or is it anxious? meh.