Rainy morning blues


Early this morning, I was awoken by the sound of heavy downpour. At least I not feeling tired this morning however i feeling the chill in the air. I rolled onto my side took look at my phone and saw it was 8:45am I layed in bed for moment debating with self to get up or stay in bed. I was wearing a baggy Faded Spiderman tee and floral undies what look what had better days. i gave into and stay in bed as I was very warm. I grab my phone and rolled back on my side and look on Facebook group buy sell swap and saw nothing exacting on there so I load up fallout shelter and to my surprise I was given a Legendary Dweller Old Longfellow and five lunchboxes witch brought a smile to my face. Its true what they say in song the Best Things In Life Are Free by Janet Jackson and this was very true. I did enjoy Fallout 4 DLC 'Far Harbor' so getting that Legendary Dweller was really nice way to start the day. I messed around in fallout shelter for about 20 to 30mins and felt myself getting sleeping and I nod off to sleep.

I woke up again, it was still raining but not as bad as this morning I look at clock on my phone saw it was after 1pm and I finely made myself get out of my bed because my tummy was making noise like it was hungry wookie. I walk over to the fringe and saw I had some noodles left over from tea and I made myself a big mug of green tea. I saw on couch a small bag what held a dvd I had brought on weekend and I couldn’t remember what did I buy. I open the bag and pulled out mocking jay part 2 and smiled and remember how excited to watch this. I threw the box noodles in microwave and sat down my mug of green tea and wait for ping of microwave and got my r2d2 chopsticks ready and grab the noodles I slump on couch pulling a blanket over my legs. After the movie I got up and thought I better get dress for the day but I wasn’t in mood for it so I climb back into bed and thought I play some fallout 4. I lost track of the time and nod to sleep again.

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