Something in the air tonight: part Two

3/06/2016 time 1:36am

I got to the restaurant were my mom was with my new dad and his two sons. She picks yet another man who has a high paying job that requires a lot of travel to be my dad. Yet again my mum skirt wasn’t as short as normal but it left just enough to the imagination. No man's eyes could resist if they want to look at her. She introduce me to my new two brothers and I could tell they had no attention to make me feel part of this new family. I sat down and made some small talk. My mum order some Oysters and I ask for bruschetta as I hate Oysters. I watch my brothers and dad and mum swllow them and my dad joking said to me ant bruschetta for sassy’s. I so wanted to grab my fork and plunge it into his eye instead I said no I just don’t like sea food. When it came to main meal one his sons said why don’t you get porterhouse steak instead of that chicken breast cream sauce. I smile and said I wasn’t in mood for red meat and it chicken look delicious. As we waited my dad talk about how spends time playing golf to entertaining clients and would I like join.

I said sure I never play golf and closest I played was on Nintendo. He laugh and said was that with Mario I said yes. My mum spoke up and said how I never played sport in school always playing video games and my dad replied back that his sons always had played a spot. one of sons join in said maybe I could of bean a cheerleader because you act like one. Feelig like I was yet again a joke to my mum partner I said I had go because I had class early in morning. I came home feeling like crap and went to friage nd look for ice cream I put on The Curse of the Werewolf its a old hammer horror movie and feeling like i was the Werewolf

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feeling like a Werewolf