Hello gorgeous salon

Played by Diamond
2 years 2 weeks ago



My unwilling sissy customer sits and pouts as I give her a perm. She mutters and makes comments about she will get even with the managers . I just continue to put rollers in her hair. I glance over at the two security types at are there to make sure my client doesn't do anything dumb. I whisper to her "Sweetie calm down, these guard s are more than willing to show you just weak you are now. I squirt perm lotion onto her hair

I am enjoying my new job as a salon girl, helping to transform men into sissies is such fun.

"Oh sweet pie the guys are going to love you. I heard that the manager want you be a chorus girl.."

The other salon girls are busy transforming men into lovely girls, so happy to be here with them.

Several mangers sit and choose hairstyles for their sissies.

I look down at my customer's cleavage- she does have a lovely set of boobs

I have the typical sissy reaction envy- I wish my tits were that big.